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Nina & Nino 24/7 days never sick, no time off and always there for you

We naturally try everything to optimize our service even further. In this we go very far. Artificial Intelligence enables us to develop avatars with deep animations that give color to some dry settings.

Meet Nina and Nino our 100% available success managers a question and they know the answer. We are optimizing our digital support where AI supports us. Of course you can always call and get a tiqs employee to talk to you directly (at any time). But for the more general issues, Nina and Nino will help you directly.


With TIQS you create more revenue, provide even better service and get instant insight and control over your visitors, customers and business processes. We do this by using QR codes.

The QR code is here to stay. Payments, registrations but also taking orders goes flawlessly through the QR code.

TIQS specializes in QR code solutions. We do this for hundreds of companies with thousands of users.

TIQS supports Event organizations with ticketing, HORECA with ordering and reservations, TAXI companies, and even lost & found. TIQS makes QR code usage simple, fast and effective.

Read below about the different solutions that will help you make more revenue and get a better grip on your business processes.


With tiqs, you do it together

With Tiqs you build a long-term relationship with your visitors. With our "state of the art" software solutions, you can communicate, reward and inform all year round.

By making full use of the Tiqs toolset you can, increase your visitor numbers. For that you become an even more interesting partner for your sponsors and/or as a venue for promoters.


Will you become a Tiqs Brand Ambassador?

Tiqs is Europe's fastest growing pay, order with QRcode and ticketing system. Our mission is simple. We are here to help our business partners (the event industry & hospitality) get the most out of their business by using a QRcode. We do this by working with our (customer) partners to implement a unique integrated ordering process and customer communication.

After - despite corona - two successful years in the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium, we are now stepping on the gas pedal and looking for more national and international talents.

Playing to win

At Tiqs, we like to do things differently. Our team consists of creative, inquisitive professionals with an event industry & hospitality heart, who have 100% commitment to results and are always able to stretch. Because, we believe that one factor above all is essential for the growth of our company: you!



Whether you send 100 or 100,000 emails, TIQS' fully integrated email marketing system with drag and drop email designer allows you to send emails to your visitors at no cost. How nice. That will quickly save you a lot of costs.

Easily group, your visitors into (separate) lists and you can set up drip marketing.

Stop your expensive paid emails now switch to TIQS Ticketing, Food & Beverage service and save on your costs immediately.

Learn more about the terms of the free email integrated marketing system contact us, or register now on our platform.



Why use an external e-mail package with high costs to send e-mails? With TIQS you have everything together in one system. That makes it even easier and simpler to reach your visitors and customers even better.

So you can create a mailing on all your visitors from different events, or a specific event, from all your tickets in an event or a specific ticket.

If you use our HORECA QRCode and POS systems and want to mail all your visitors in a certain period of time, you can also do that with TIQS CAMPAIGN BUILDER.

Of course, you have the choice to reach your visitors and customers not only via e-mail. This can also be done via SMS and when the visitor/customer uses an APP of TIQS via Notifications.



Tiqs is constantly evolving. We listen carefully to you; your success is our success. We are in full swing to expand our ticketing and ordering platform even further. Below is an overview of our latest developments that we will release in early 2023:

QR ordering:

With the acquisition of pleaze and customers bramr QRcode ordering services, we have developed several new functionalities in our QR ordering platform. For example, we have developed a printer based on this, which we will introduce in the first quarter of 2023, thus reducing the investment of the Event / Hospitality company. A revolutionary device!

Cashless Ordering APP & Cashless cards:

Tiqs will introduce in the first quarter of 2023 a new release of the tiqs POS a proven Event cashless POS system, which can be used with our QRCode cashless cards. We are going to tell you much more about this over the course of this year.

You can also now request your own cashless app from us for your event. Ordering on the dance floor. The advantage in this is that you can communicate with your visitors and also do card sales in this. Release first quarter 2023 you can already apply now.

Ticketing platform:

There is actually no bad ticketing platform anymore, our competitors actually do it as well as we do, however Tiqs once again sets the new standard and therefore our ticketing platform is really the only right choice. Everything in one place in one dashboard.

  1. Ticketing (as it should be)
  2. Integrated order bar system.
  3. Integrated Marketing/Mail system
  4.  Your own ticket and order App.
  5. Communicate with your visitors via their own app.

Now is the time to switch. Please feel free to contact us.

A new release of myTIQS is coming in the first quarter. The first beta test teams were very enthusiastic!


If you want to take the next step in customer friendliness and increase your sales by having your visitors in earlier and thus having longer time to make purchases, read on....

More than 10,000 (45 minutes in) visitors with 4 rows of entrance, 3 hand scanners for the scan managers. Do the math on what this saves you in labor costs and your visitors are inside faster so you can realize even more sales.

Available in Festival ENTRY-XL version and in combination with TIQS Club Card solution and optional ID Check.