Make it easy for your visitors use a QR ordering system for food and drinks.

Service, speed and convenience with TIQS QR ordering you have it all together. With some pride we can say that TIQS QR ordering system is the most comprehensive proven QR system in the market.

Set up per table or even chair/bar stool, online offline ordering, pay@thewaiter (c), product availability, add-ons selections, direct link to cash register system. These are just a few unique selling points that makeTIQS the best HORECA system.

If you want to know more about why exactly you should choose TIQS, you can contact us directly. We have some of our features below. Rate yourself TIQS makes it simple.


Experience more revenue with satisfied customers for yourself now.

Our customers have experienced it for themselves. QR ordering delivers more sales, peace of mind and satisfaction. Plus, you save 15 percent in costs!

The success formula ? Ensure the perfect presentation of the menu, put the staff at the center of the customer experience and choose your personal settings. This is how to successfully integrate your QR ordering app into your concept.

2 out of 5* visitors and/or customers prefer to order directly from you.

40% of your visitors and/or customers prefer to order on your website, or through your app. Branding of the ordering environment is therefore important. 11%* of your visitors do not care where they order. (According to research by Deloitte.)