A personalized ticket wallet

Ticket in SPAM, ticket accidentally deleted from your mail box. Quickly finding the QR code, forwarding a ticket to your friends, and more. It is anno 2022 and still a ticket is sent the way we know it from a few decades before. By mail.

Now you have myTIQS your personal ticket-wallet

Never lose your ticket again and a clear overview of all your tickets in one app. And we don't mind at all if you keep a ticket from another ticketing "provider" in there, whether it's Eventix, EventBrite, CM or someone else. With myTIQS you have everything at hand for your night out.




Download the APP from the Android Playstore or for your Apple phone from the AppleStore using the buttons below.


Login with your account. If you do not yet have an account with TIQS you can create one right here.

After logging in, you will be asked permission to receive messages. This is necessary to receive messages from an Event Organization to inform you of the latest news. The organization will also be able to send you messages/information via email.

After you, create your account and log in, you will immediately see all your tickets that you sold at the events sold with TIQS. Whether it is a GUEST or Normal ticket.